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We specialize in assisting our customers with their total loss vehicle. We understand this can be difficult for our customers, and we are here to help you get the most out of your settlement. We work closely with our customers to ensure they receive the best possible settlement from their insurance provider.

Our one-stop solution provides everything you need to ensure an accurate, actual cash value for your vehicle. Each valuation includes over $500 in value and consists of meticulous research with references, quotes, book appraisals, history, and aftermarket breakdowns.

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In three simple steps,
our report helps you maximize your Settlement

Requesting a report is simple; you provide details about your total loss vehicle, and we will compile a detailed report summarizing the market research to ensure the maximum settlement for your vehicle.

Vehicle Deemed A Total Loss

Your vehicle was deemed a total loss, and your claims adjuster provided a total loss valuation report.

Request A Valuation

Request a My Write Off valuation and provide your insurance total loss valuation report.

Provide Your Report

Use our valuation report to acquire the maximum settlement for your total loss vehicle.

Simple, Safe & Peace of Mind.

Over $500 In Value

To provide an accurate valuation, we perform hands-on extensive research and analysis, employing leading-edge products valued at over $500.

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Utilizing every resource

What's In A Report?

Our reports are in-depth and comprehensive, providing in-depth market research and analysis on the value of vehicles involved in a total loss. We carefully assess a wide range of factors to ensure that you get the best possible settlement for your vehicle; Our reports help you confidently make an informed settlement.

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Our Success In Numbers

We work diligently to get our customers the best possible settlement for their total loss vehicle. Our average settlement increase is 27.5%, meaning you can expect to receive more money than if you were to go through your insurance provider alone.

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We are committed to giving back to the community and helping to protect our environment. We work hard to minimize our environmental impact through sustainable business practices, including recycling and energy efficiency measures. Additionally, we make charitable donations to support important causes and fund programs that help promote education and success for future generations in the industry,

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A portion of all sales proceeds goes towards local grants and bursaries.

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With a high level of media coverage, our business is well known throughout many different industries. This has enabled us to be featured in renown publications and on major broadcast networks.

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Max Value Guarantee

If your settlement doesn’t increase by at least the cost of your valuation report, simply claim your full refund within one month of delivery. There’s no risk and nothing to lose from purchasing a report.

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