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Your Report, Your Advantage.

Get more than just a valuation; get a meticulously crafted report that provides an exhaustive look at your vehicle’s worth. Starting with a rigorous review process, we scrutinize every aspect of the original insurance valuation for errors or missing information. Next, our valuation methodology incorporates extensive market research and data interpretation to provide an accurate and fair value for your vehicle. Be empowered with a tool that not only reveals, but also explains, the details that shape your vehicle’s true value.



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What's in a report?

What's in a report?

Meticulous Methodology

The cornerstone of our service is our methodologies, ensuring that all the data, down to the last detail, aligns with industry standards for maximum valuation accuracy.

Extensive Market Research

"Our market analysis is exhaustive, pulling from various sources to assess your vehicle’s fair market value accurately.

Complete Option Analysis

Our analysis covers all factory and aftermarket options, ensuring a comprehensive and fair appraisal of your vehicle.

Comprehensive History

We compile a complete record of your vehicle's history, enhancing credibility and supporting a fair settlement.

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Behind the cover

Three Chapters, One Goal

Our reports are organized into three chapters for ease of understanding and efficiency. From a comprehensive review to a meticulous valuation, and finally to correspondence, each section serves a critical purpose.

Chapter 1 : Review

A comprehensive examination of both the vehicle's and the original insurance valuation report. We scrutinize for accuracy, validity, and uniformity to lay the groundwork for our own assessment.

Chapter 2 : Valuation

a data-driven valuation of your vehicle. Using both current and historical market information, we calculate a fair and transparent value.

Chapter 3 : Correspondence

This final chapter contains all the essential documentation and correspondence. It's designed to make your interactions with your insurance provider as seamless as possible.

The Gold Standard

Industry Leading Resources

When you choose our Total Loss Valuation reports, you’re not just getting a valuation; you’re gaining the benefit of enterprise-level resources and expertise. Our state-of-the-art Database, Software, and Tools ensure that every valuation is backed by the most robust and accurate data in the industry.

Extensive Database

We have access to databases that include current and recently delisted ads, providing a more comprehensive view of your vehicle’s market value, a detail often not available to the general public.

Intelligent Software

We use enterprise-level software used in vehicle forensics, auctions, and dealerships, ensuring that our valuations meet industry standards for accuracy.

Specialized Tools

Utilizing top-tier applications and years of experience, we meticulously analyze every aspect of your vehicle to deliver a trustworthy valuation report.

Hassle-Free Experience

Online Valuations, Zero Appointments Needed

In today’s digital world, convenience is key. That’s why our Total Loss Valuation reports are entirely online. You can request a comprehensive, enterprise-level evaluation right from the comfort of your own home, using any device. Whether you’re on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, our seamless platform is designed to make the process straightforward and hassle-free. Get your valuation whenever and wherever—it’s that simple.

Your Goals, Our Mission

Tailored For Your Needs

Ensuring Fair A Value

Get peace of mind knowing your vehicle’s value is accurately represented.

Utilizing Every Resource

Our report leverages all available data for the most accurate valuation.

Maxing Your Settlement

Use our report to maximize your insurance settlement value.

Quick and Convenient

No appointments needed—get your report online.


Renown, Respected and Featured

With a high level of media coverage, our business is well known throughout many different industries. This has enabled us to be featured in renown publications and on major broadcast networks.

Speed and Precision

Prompt Service, Reliable Reports

We know your time is valuable, which is why we’ve streamlined our process to deliver your detailed vehicle valuation report in as few as three business days. In urgent situations, you can even choose to receive your report the same day. Either way, you’ll get the information you need quickly, without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

proof is in the numbers

Our Success In Numbers

We work diligently to get our customers the best possible settlement for their total loss vehicle. Our average settlement increase is 27.5%, meaning you can expect to receive more money than if you were to go through your insurance provider alone.

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How we can help

Three Simple Steps

Requesting a report is simple; you provide details about your total loss vehicle, and we will compile a detailed report summarizing the market research to ensure the maximum settlement for your vehicle.

Vehicle Deemed A Total Loss

Your vehicle was deemed a total loss, and your claims adjuster provided a total loss valuation report.

Request A Valuation

Request a My Write Off valuation and provide your insurance total loss valuation report.

Provide Your Report

Use our valuation report to acquire the maximum settlement for your total loss vehicle.

Simple, Safe & Peace of Mind.