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advocating fairness

My Story

MyWriteOff was established on the premise to advocate for fairness through vehicle valuations. Our team is made up of industry experts who have demonstrated a commitment to their trade and are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and assurance through your time of vulnerability and burden.

We give a voice to those burdened with a written off vehicle. We provide a private valuation consisting of over $500 in value, extensive and elaborate market research through local marketplaces, dealerships, vehicle history, and specifications.

20+ years experience, training & certification

Steven Carvalho
Owner and Operator

advocating fairness

Origins of My Write Off

Our team is comprised of motivated professionals that have excelled in their industry and who possess an abundance of experience and knowledge about the industry.


Our passion for the industry shows in our work. By constantly leveraging the latest technologies, we encourage growth, knowledge, and innovation.


Regardless of how unique, heavy-duty, or custom your vehicle may be, we'll have a professional tailored to your specific needs to ensure the most accurate valuation.


Our team is composed of highly qualified professionals who have proven their expertise and passion in their industry.


Renown, Respected and Featured

With a high level of media coverage, our business is well known throughout many different industries. This has enabled us to be featured in renown publications and on major broadcast networks.

giving back

Charities and Organizations

Support those who support us – the stress and anxieties of encountering a motor vehicle accident can be debilitating, and the first step to recovery is the first responders providing the care and attention needed during your time of vulnerability.

This sort of experience is part of everyday life for first responders, who prioritize the care of others before themselves. We will continue supporting local charities and organizations that provide accessibility to support for these brave individuals

giving back

Grants and Bursaries

It’s a full circle, without the men and women involved with a write-off, we feel it’s only fitting to support those pursuing a career in the front-end of the industry.

As part of our commitment to advancing education and career opportunities within the industry, we will continue to research and fund local and relevant grants and bursaries.

How We Work

Our Responsibility

By continuously improving our environmental performance and incorporating eco-friendly policies and practices into our business strategy, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment. As a company, we aim to develop a shared outlook with all employees and customers, and we actively select suppliers who follow our policies and values.

Through regular training and development, we ensure that all members of our team are aware of and abide by our environmental policy

Maintain compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and standards, and where possible, exceed them

Utilize materials and resources as efficiently as possible by minimizing waste and reusing whenever possible

Take environmental factors into consideration when implementing new practices or services

Whenever possible, recycle used printer cartridges locally, donating the proceeds where possible.

Minimize our impact on air, water, and land pollution